About Us

About Us

We’re Sarmal Entertainment, a team of five passionate developers spanning North America to Europe, collectively working to make our dream project a reality. With decades of combined industry experience from highly-respected studios like 343 Industries, The Farm 51, and Sony, our backgrounds are as diverse as our physical locations. While Anadolu is our first project as a group, each of us has years of experience (both independently and AAA) shipping games of all sizes and platforms, whether on PC, virtual reality, or mobile devices.

We really love making and playing games, and we’re excited to share Anadolu with you!

Meet the Team:

Marc Frädrich (Gameplay Programmer, Networking Specialist) – Marc is a network specialist for games using Unreal Engine. For over 8 years, Marc has worked on games from several different genres: racing, survival, horde, battle royale, and shooter games. During his spare time, he has founded two software development companies.

Jacob Lubinski (Lead Artist)– For the past 15 years Jacob Lubinski has been making models and environments for games and applications. During that time he worked for Activision on big budget games, with the University of Southern California to make educational software, and alongside many indie developers to make their dreams come to life. Jake operates lostdaygames.com and is passionate about making 3D worlds that invoke the joy of exploration. He is excited about being on the team and feels that Anadolu can be something big!

Garrett Nixon (Producer, Product Manager, Data Analyst) – Garrett has product management experience working in Silicon Valley and data analytics experience working on Wall Street. Video game design and development has always been a passion for him (both as a hobby and doing a bit of freelance work on the side), and he is excited to bring you Anadolu!

Christopher Robertson (Gameplay Programmer)– Chris is a generalist with extensive experience using Unreal Engine and Unity3D. For nearly a decade he has worked for various companies producing Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences utilizing volumetric capture technology. These experiences have been everything from training simulations to larger projects such as assisting in a collaboration between IMAX and Exit Reality, which consisted of building a multiplayer, virtual reality play area with dynamic 4D effects. While working for these various companies, Chris is also the lead programmer for Shivoo Media, a company that is hard at work developing their upcoming virtual reality title.